Cycling Personal Coaching Programme

The goal of this is programme is to set you up with everything you need to enjoy cycling in the Marbella area and at the same time to help you meet your personal development goals which could include weight loss, overall fitness, stress reduction, mindfulness or environmental responsibility.

You’ll become a confident and safe cyclist, and having met your initial goals you‘ll be ready to take the next steps in your cycling adventure.

This plan is for you if you strive to meet new challenges and prefer to exercise outdoors in the fresh air. It’s completely flexible although a regular schedule is better if you can manage it.

The programme includes these elements and can be completed over 1 or 2 months:

  • Lifestyle and Fitness analyse and goal setting.
  • Nutrition analysis and goal setting.
  • Developing a training plan.
  • Instruction: Motivation, Goal Setting, Mental Attitude and Monitoring progress
  • Set up and training on Strava and other Data Analysis solutions.
  • Instruction: How to ride a modern bike.
  • Instruction: Basic first aid and how to get assistance in an emergency.
  • Instruction: Basic Bike Maintenance, set up and “get you home” fixes including changing tyres.
  • Instruction: How to ride in different circumstances: How to ride in traffic, How to climb hills, How to descend safely
  • 20 hours of personal “on bike” coaching.
  • Unlimited remote Coaching and Progress analysis during training period


20 Hour programme including Starter Bike and Clothing to keep

€1450 inc IVA

20 Hour programme including Loan Bike for the period of the course and Clothing to keep

€1150 inc IVA

10 Hour programme including Loan Bike for the period of the course and Clothing to keep

€650 inc IVA

Not included: Cycling shoes and clip on pedals which will be needed as you progress.

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