My Personal Weight Loss Story

6 Months ago I bought this secondhand bike for 500 Euro!

Since then I have lost 35 Kg in weight, stopped snoring, cured my gastric and respiratory problems and reduced my blood pressure.

My life insurance premium has dropped by half, as has my weekly shopping bill.

What totally motivated me was the knowledge that cycling is all about your power to weight ratio. The less you weigh the more places you can visit, especially in a hilly area like Marbella, where there is always another peak to conquer.

Cycling doesn’t feel like any other sport, it’s not like being stuck in a Gym counting down the minutes until it’s over. It’s just fun! And it burns calories faster than almost any other exercise.

In just 90 minutes you can easily burn off 1000 calories!

The health benefits attributed to regular cycling and at least some of which I have experienced myself include:

  • increased cardiovascular fitness
  • increased muscle strength and flexibility
  • improved joint mobility
  • decreased stress levels
  • improved posture and coordination
  • strengthened bones
  • decreased body fat levels
  • prevention or management of disease
  • reduced anxiety and depression.

It’s low impact as your body is fully supported so it’s great for older people (I’m 59 years old) and beats running hands down when it comes to protecting your joints!

The weather in Marbella means you can cycle all year long. Every month I find myself spending more time on my bike and when I am not on my bike I’m planning my next ride.

January has been my biggest month so far, despite the temperature dropping to 15 degrees.

In short I cannot say enough good things about cycling and encourage you to give it a try, it will change your life forever.

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