Power Meter Rental

Assioma Power Meter makes your training more efficient and effective than ever

Training and racing with a power meter means you can monitor your performance with real hard data – not estimates. Power meters have revolutionized Pro training and are now an affordable “Must Have” training aid for serious road cyclists.

Here’s why Power Meters are an essential part of any serious training effort

Power is an objective and reliable reference value that, unlike heart rate, can’t be altered by external factors such as high temperatures, psychological stress, caffeine intake, and digestion.

There is a direct causal relationship between the power generated on the pedals and the speed achieved by the cyclist. The higher the power = the better the performance

So to go faster on a bike you need to produce more power; to produce more power you need to exert more force on the pedals or increase the pedalling pace (Cadence) or do both.

Power meters are a big investment and you need to decide whether you need a single or dual kit

A single meter measures the power generated by one leg and doubles it to get the total power. A dual meter measures both legs independently.

Most people’s legs generate different amounts of power, so a single meter will not be 100% accurate. For example if your left leg produces 90% of the power that your right leg produces and you are measuring your left leg you will underreport the total power by 10%.

If you are training against the meter this inaccuracy may not matter as you are looking at the change in power over sessions not the absolute figure. If you are comparing yourself with another athlete, of course, this would skew the results and not be ideal.

Try a Pair of Assioma or Garmin Vector 3 Power Meter Pedals before you buy

You can rent a pair of pedals during your visit for just £15 a day and get a complete profile of your power output including the balance across your legs. You can also swap them between other group members to generate comparative data.

If you are considering investing in a power meter this is a great chance to try out one of the best solutions on the market and to decide whether you need a single or a dual kit.

Assioma Power Meter Pedal Set for any Bike

Garmin Vector 3 Power Meter

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