Why Viva La Vuelta

Viva la Vuelta can literally be translated as “live the ride” and I was inspired by watching the 2018 race as it passed through my home region of Andalucia.

Andulacia is a road cyclists paradise with smooth roads, perfect weather throughout the year and little traffic. The fact that there are five La Vuelta stages for you to ride is the icing on the cake

Spain is a very hilly country and La Vuelta takes full advantage of this to serve up some of the most punishing climbs of the Grand Tour.

Most stages include climbs of up to 11% with some reaching 20%, although there are also plenty of flat sections to help you recover.

If you want to improve your climbing abilities or to enjoy the stunning views from a mountain peak then this is definitely the destination for you.

We’ll design the ideal tour for your groups’ ability using the 2018 La Vuelta stage routes. These routes aren’t set in stone and after every day’s ride we’ll have a review session where we discuss your experience and decide if we should make any changes to the next day’s route.

The Istan Road

La Vuelta Peleton 2018 on the Ronda Road

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